What is a Slow Adventure?

Seeking out beautiful views at Morte Point, North Devon

Seeking out beautiful views at Morte Point, North Devon

A Slow Adventure focuses on the journey rather than the destination – a journey that unfolds at human pace. It is an opportunity to comfortably experience life in the outdoors, connect with nature and the natural environment, and positively refocus your mind by boosting your mental well-being.

On a Slow Adventure you tune in to the rhythms of the natural world by listening, feeling, smelling and observing the environment and culture that surrounds you on your journey. Through this awareness you automatically tap into the well-being of both
your mind and your body.

Slow adventurers seek out beautiful views, epic sunsets and starry skies; they choose to take the finest not the fastest route; they marvel at intimate encounters with wildlife and appreciate the time spent sitting under a tree; they yearn for peace and tranquillity; and they are curious about everything.

They smile. They breathe deeply. And they adventure slowly.

So, are you a slow adventurer?

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