Hello Spring

Newborn lambs. Dawn chorus alarm clocks. Flora bursting to life. And longer days to explore the outdoors. What is there not to love about the arrival of spring.

Hello spring, we’ve been expecting you.

As spring-loving beings we’ve been patiently waiting for the dark blanket of winter to fall away. Despite today's damp and windy start to the Season of Newness we’ve heartily welcomed the first official day of spring. If only we could bottle-up the feeling this season brings – freshness, brightness, optimism, and clarity – and crack it out in the midst of winter when such thoughts can be a bit harder to find. Now that would be a tad awesome.

But what are the classic harbingers of spring? For us there's a handful of signs indicating spring is a-coming that every year, without fail, make our hearts leap with joy.


Fields and fields of cute little lambs are just impossible to ignore, which means bike rides and walks at this time of year take us twice as long. We’re easily distracted and entertained by gangs of mischievous lambs seemingly up to no good away from the watchful eyes of their grazing mums. We challenge you to try and watch a field of gamboling lambs and not leave with a smile on your face.


A simple tonic for lifting your spirits is a bunch of daffodils. There’s something about these yellow flowers with their long trumpets or cheery faces that can lighten up even the darkest of days/moods/rooms. Our favourite? Those ridiculously cute tete-a-tete daffs.

Dawn chorus

A magical way of waking from slumber is listening to those feathered songsters, notably robins, great tits, song thrushes and blackbirds, as they vocally try and attract a mate in the dim light of dawn. But don’t even think that you’ll get the same reaction if you attempt to wake us up an hour before sunrise with a beeping alarm clock.

Longer days

Oh, the thrill of still being able to see the world around us at 6pm. No longer is there a desire to hibernate in front of the gogglebox beneath a cosy blanket every evening – instead we’re reminded of blissful evening walks and bike rides at sunset and long, bright days that extend beyond your mid afternoon coffee break. British Summer Time, we love you.

Alfresco drying

We can’t quite believe we’re admitting to this one, but goodness what a joy it is to be able to hang washing outside on the line again. Very little can beat air-dried clothes and bed linen (well, except when our resident seagulls like to leave their calling cards on our clean white linen… ). There’s also something wonderfully relaxing about methodically pegging items to a line while observing the goings-on in the outside world.

Although today, the first day of March, is when the northern hemisphere officially bids farewell to winter, our Cornish roots mean that for us spring unofficially begins on the fifth day of the month when we patriotically celebrate St Piran’s Day with a piping hot Cornish pasty, a pint of Cornish Ale and, we hope, some glorious spring sunshine. Gool Peran Lowen!*

*Happy St Piran’s Day

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