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We Believe...

*steps onto soapbox, taps microphone, clears throat*

We believe that being active outdoors is good for your heart, mind, body and soul.

We believe in the restorative value of connecting with nature and wild, natural places.

We believe you should escape the urban and experience the wilderness whenever you can.

We believe in taking the finest not the fastest route.

We believe that you see more when you slow down.

We believe that getting lost is part of the adventure.

We believe that journeys should unfold at human pace.

We believe in being curious about everything.

We believe in sharing adventures outdoors with friends and loved ones.

We believe in the meditative power of spending time alone outdoors.

We believe in attuning yourself to the rhythms and patterns of the natural environment.

We believe that nature is precious and deserves our respect.

We believe in the joy of seeing starry skies and epic sunsets.

We believe in challenging yourself.

We believe that the journey is the destination.

We believe there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.

We believe in taking only memories, and leaving nothing but footprints.

We believe in friluftsliv.

We believe in paper maps.

We believe in The Great Outdoors.

We believe that everyone should #GetOutside.

This we believe with all our hearts.