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As with many ideas, the seed was sown during a bike ride. While slowly pedalling around Exmoor and appreciating the awe-inspiring landscape virtually on my doorstep, I had an urge to share the moment, the place, and the feeling with others. And so began my journey to creating the Slow Adventure Co.
— Tor McIntosh, Founder

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Our Story

The Slow Adventure Company was born, quite simply, out of a sheer love of being outdoors in the natural world, together with a passion for the simplicity of exploring places on either two feet or two wheels.

Growing up in Cornwall I was surrounded by wild, remote landscapes that became my adventure playground; it was here that I immersed myself in the outdoors and developed a deep connection with nature. In my 20s I found myself caught up in the hustle and bustle of urban living and yearned for fresh air, open spaces and a slower pace of life. It took a decade to finally return to my rural roots, but this time to another remote location, North Devon.

True to the slow life concept, the Slow Adventure Company has taken its time to grow from a seed of an idea back in 2012, while lost in my thoughts pedalling around Exmoor, to manifesting into the small business it is today. In that time I’ve experiencing my own slow adventures: long-distance hiking in the Alps and the Pyrenees; cycle touring through France; and a very slow walk along the South West Coast Path (note: a journey still in progress). These self-supported experiences on foot and by bike, where the focus was on the journey more than the destination, affirmed my love of slow-paced, human-powered adventures in wild, natural places.

Becoming older, wiser and, admittedly, a bit slower myself – especially when cycling up hills with fully loaded panniers – has seen me cultivate an appreciation for nature, sustainability and well-being. These have become central to my own curiosities and are the foundations of the Slow Adventure Company.

My mission is to inspire and encourage folk to experience slow-paced, human-powered adventures, and to benefit from the simple pleasure and restorative value of exploring wild, natural places.

Keep adventuring... slowly,


Slow Adventure Company logo

our values



Life is to be enjoyed. Smile, laugh, occasionally cry, but then smile again.



For us it is all about the attention to detail. We always care about 'the little things’.


Live simply. Love simplicity. We're inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of shibui – simple, subtle and unobtrusive.



Respect others and the environment. In turn they will respect you back. And we think that's a pretty good thing.


In order to stay well as beings, we care about the wellbeing of both mind and body.



With us what you see is what you get. We don't pretend to be anything other than ourselves.

Smile, breathe and go slowly
— Thich Nhat Hanh